Combo Disney Diet/Cupcake Wars Dilemma

My family and I have all joined Weight Watchers. We each plan to lose enough weight to accomplish and maintain our respective goal weights before we take our Disney cruise in December. We have been on the plan for a week and a half and we have all lost so we’re doing great.

So, you might ask why I am having a problem. The problem is that I am tormented by my favorite inanimate object: the cupcake. I LOVE cupcakes. I love making them and I love eating them. One of my favorite shows on the Food Network is Cupcake Wars. I truly enjoy seeing how the bakers come up with such wonderful ingredient combinations for their cupcakes, even with rarely used ingredients. It is fascinating to me. 

My dilemma then?  I need to figure out how to have my own Cupcake War. I must come up with some wonderful recipes that are not only beautiful but delicious, while costing me no more than 2 points on the WW Points Plus plan. I have to find alternative, healthy ways of making some of my favorite concoctions.

Do you have any known tricks to accomplish this goal? Is it possible to have a zucchini, applesauce chocolate cupcake that is to die for? Maybe a pumpkin spice cream cupcake?  If so, I sure hope you will comment to give me some suggestions.

If I am able to discover these masterful treasures, I will begin posting recipes.  

Until then…..have a sweet Disney day!

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7 years 10 months ago

Now, I’m not chef, you can count on that! But one thing I wonder about is whether you could use some bland tasting vegetable, maybe puree it, and use the right spices to give it the flavor you are looking for? Good luck!


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