Driving to Disney Can Save Lots of Money

It is my sincere wish that everyone be able to visit Walt Disney World with their families at least once. I am committed to providing as much information as I can to try to make that a reality for every family. This year has been difficult for many across the U.S. and the economy has put even more stress on families. This is when families need to bond and spend time together more than ever. What better place to spend time with your loved ones than at the most magical place on earth?

When planning a Disney vacation, there are ways to save money, from travel to tickets to meals. One of the biggest savings for my family is driving rather than flying to WDW. Regardless of any deals that have been released by airlines in my area, there is none that even comes close to the cost of driving.

Driving to Walt Disney World from the Texas Gulf Coast will cost us approximately $335.60 in gas (that is round trip) plus $100 for food and drinks each way, for a total of $535.60.The cheapest flights available for my family of 4 for our upcoming trip was $1200. This is a savings of $664; less than half of what it would cost us to fly. Savings like this depends, of course, on where you live as well as the number in your party. If there were only two of us, it might not be worth it to drive as we would only be saving less than $100. But larger families save a good deal by driving.

Crunch the numbers for yourself, or contact me; I would be happy to help. Don’t give up on your dream of experiencing a magical vacation; you deserve it!

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