Top 10 Things I Am Looking Forward To Most

Just as with all my past Disney trips, my excitement is building exponentially now that we have only 40 days to go. I am gaining more and more anticipation as I begin my list of new must-dos. This is a list of things that we either have not had a chance to do yet, something that is new since our last trip, or something I read about from bloggers I follow that have influenced me to try. Here is a list of some of the new things I am looking forward to during our upcoming WDW trip:

1. Introducing a new generation: If you are a new friend of Ideally Disney, you might not know that this trip will be the first ever for my brand new grandprincess, Aleyah. Aleyah will turn 1-year-old on October 25 and our November 14 trip will be her first ever. I cannot wait to introduce my precious to all the magic of Disney. In fact, I used to think that taking babies in diapers sounded like so much trouble, until she was born…and she changed everything!

2.  Extra special family time: Having the entire family, including the extensions of our kiddos, will make for a wonderful trip this year. In addition to Aleyah, my daughter-in-law will also be a first-time visitor to Walt Disney World this year. In years past, it has never worked out where she could make the trip. She is beside herself with excitement and so am I. Seeing Disney through her eyes will be a special experience. She is even leading the troops in making special t-shirts for our family.

3. Fantasies Realized: It goes without saying that I am ultra excited about the opening of the new Fantasyland Expansion. During each trip we have wondered about all the work being done behind the walls in this area of the park. Each time, it has progressed closer to completion than the time before. We will finally be able to see the finished product! There will be much to do there between the attractions and the new dining experiences.

4.  More Jack Sparrow: My family and I are Pirates of the Caribbean superfans. I mean, as soon as a new movie comes out we are at the theater on Thursday night for the midnight showing, even though we all have to get up early for work and school. We are so excited about the new attraction at Hollywood Studios. The Legend of Jack Sparrow Experience was announced on May 1, 2012 in the Mickey Monitor and will make its debut on Sound Stage 4 in the Fall of 2012. We are sure hoping it will be open before we get there.

5. New funky quick-service: Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner has never been a quick-service of choice at Hollywood Studios. Recently, though, I read about a new menu item that really interested me. The frankfurter in a pretzel roll and a milkshake is something I decided I needed to try as soon as I read Matt’s post at Studios Central. This looks delicious!

6. Love is in the air: My husband and I are celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary with a small, simple vow renewal. We will be having an Illuminations Dessert Party with our loved ones and just exchanging some short vows and upgraded wedding rings. Having shared so many happy and treasured memories with our family at Walt Disney World, I am really looking forward to sharing this experience with them as well.

 7. Testing Test Track: One of our favorite Epcot rides is Test Track. It has been closed for refurbishment during our last couple of trips and is due to open on November 30. We are keeping our fingers crossed for an early opening. We can’t wait to see it!

8. The new Backlot: The Studio Backlot Tour is what you might call a “behind the scenes” movie ride. It has really been in need of some new elements though and it is currently closed for some updates. It is due to open the day we are at Hollywood Studios so we are excited to see what’s new.

9. Disney friends meet n greet: The Disney friends I have made in the blogging community and through being a Pixie agent have come to mean so much to me. Meeting up with these friends is always a special time and I cherish being able to see them in person for a change. I will be able to meet up with my co-worker and friend, Chris (, as well as other friends and I am so looking forward to spending time with great people I have been able to meet through my Disney cybertravels.

10. Being a Guest: The new Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to open on November 19, 2012. This new dining venue is said to transport diners to the magical world of the popular Disney film Beauty and the Beast. I had not even wanted to dine there because the menu does not particularly appeal to me, save for the cream puff for dessert. Then, I got to thinking, how can I best serve my clients if I have not personally tried all that Disney has to offer? I mean how can I truly elaborate on the 3 unique dining rooms if I have not dined there. So, we will enjoy this brand new experience during our trip and do a little research to boot!

In addition to all the new and great things I anticipate, I would be remiss not to mention my favorite things that I always look forward to when we visit Walt Disney World each November: the thrilling, Christmas magic of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, tears streaming down my face while watching millions of twinkling lights adorning Cinderella’s Castle during Castle Dream Lights, the butterflies in the pit of my stomach when watching Illuminations! Reflections of Earth, the majesty and magic of the huge, ornate Christmas tree constructed in the center of the Wilderness Lodge lobby, the thrill of choosing my special, new Christmas ornament from the Days of Christmas store at Downtown Disney, and the tantalizing and relaxing scent of the giant Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian.

Thanks for sharing my hopes and dreams with me. What things are you most looking forward to for your next Disney trip?

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6 years 4 months ago

I cant wait to try one of my kids new touring plan that he devised-we have 4 kids, the eldest which is about to turn 18 on thanksgiving-one of my 6yr olds came up with the idea that each “adult” gets to spend a few hours with each child at each park all on their own (which we will rotate) then spend the evening together as a family so that we can each do special things together before big brother goes off to college!

6 years 4 months ago

That sounds like a really special idea. You will be making wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

6 years 4 months ago

So exciting your grand daughter is making her first trip! My daughter’s first trip will be this Dec! It will be my 3yr old’s 3rd trip! So exciting!

6 years 4 months ago

You are sure to have a magical trip, Kate!

6 years 4 months ago

I am so excited for the new Pirates of the Carribean experience in HS!

6 years 4 months ago

Me too, Melissa. I wish they would have Johnny Depp alongside to introduce it for a few months. lol


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