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We all love the rides and attractions at Walt Disney World but there are some attractions that I feel Disney just really got right when it comes to little ones. One such attraction is Disney Junior – Live on Stage, located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. My granddaughter, Aleyah, particularly loves this interactive show with Mickey and the gang. Being blessed with a very theatrical personality, she really gets into the audience-participation aspect of the show.

This is such a whimsical and fun attraction. Preschoolers are both welcomed and encouraged to sing, dance and play to great songs and a wonderful show. During this show, it is Minnie Mouse’s birthday, and Mickey and the gang are planning the biggest surprise party ever.

At Minnie’s Surprise Birthday Bash, Donald, Goofy and the rest of the gang gather inspiration as they watch their Disney Junior pals collaborate to solve sticky situations:

  • Sofia the First: The princess-in-training enlists the help of sorcerer Mr. Cedric in casting a spell to make her father’s royal ball a sparkling success. Along with Amber and James, they learn that, together, there’s nothing they can’t do!
  • Doc McStuffins: After some strenuous dance floor moves, Lambie comes down with a case of “the rippies.” Stuffy the dragon, Hallie the Hippo and friends gather in Doc’s office to cheer her up, resulting in a ton of bubbly fun.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates: When Captain Hook steals their treasure chest, Jake and his crew embark on an adventure to take back their booty with the help of friends in high places. Yo ho, way to go!

The space for seating is a wide open floor area. You can choose where you would like to sit, provided you arrive early enough. Aleyah likes to dance and so we prefer to keep her in the back as it gives her more room to move, plus she doesn’t end up standing up in front of other little ones who are trying to see, as not every child is quite as energetic as she is.

I personally cannot wait to enjoy this show with her again in December, and I have a feeling her baby sister, McKinley, is just going to love it too. Little ones generally really like this show, as you can see by the looks on their faces — adoring looks for Mickey, Sofia, Doc McStuffins and great excitement when seeing Jake. Be sure to enjoy this one with your little ones. You will be glad you did!

Note: Be sure to check the Times Guide for the show schedule. You can also book this attraction as a Tier 2 fast pass + option.

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