Moments with Mimi: Time Management for a New WAHM

Moments-with-Mimi-LogoThis new life of mine takes a little getting used to, I must say. Having been a full-time working mom when my kids were growing up, it is a little strange to be a new WAHM (Work At Home Mimi) in this day and age at my bright, young age lol. I find that managing time is a little tricky and this week one of my babies was sick with the other in danger of catching the bug as well. This meant that the Mon/Wed/Fri morning school time was skipped and the Mon/Wed morning extra help was cancelled as well.

So, I found myself having to manage my work around having the girls all day every day this week. This meant a lot of evening and late-night hours but with my business it still works out in a pinch amazingly well.

My priorities are all extremely important to me. Providing nurturing and loving care for Aleyah and McKinley is paramount in my heart and soul. My clients are also extremely important to me, so I care very deeply about doing a great job on both counts. My focus is on the kids, as long as I don’t have a client in need of immediate help, and nap time is always work time for me. As soon as the kids are asleep, I am running to the computer. Thankfully, my office is right outside the bedroom so I can hear them if they need anything and I can also check on them often.

In my quest to try to find some hints on time management for new WAHMs I found some valuable information. For instance, at Ring Around the Rosies (Pinterest), I found some tips that helped a lot in my quest to balance this new WAHM life of mine. These are not written word for word but are her original ideas with some of my pixie dust thrown in:

Set a time frame and stick to it, don’t lose track of time. This is important as I seem to lose time throughout the day. I now have alarms set a 45-minute intervals on my phone as I am attempting to help potty-train Aleyah. If I didn’t, there may be 2 hours in between potty breaks and that would not be good.

Work smarter, not harder. I think life, and age, have taught me this as well. It is much easier to develop a simple system for tasks than to force my way around it. I use a combination of online files and printed materials in files, along with checklists, to keep up with my clients’ needs. That way, if I am feeding the baby and a client needs to know what day and time their daughter’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique reservation is, I can put my fingers on that information right away.

Don’t fret when things don’t go 100% according to plan – it rarely does. If you are my husband you may be dying laughing right now. In my past life, when I was young and my kids were small, I was so structured and OCD that I would literally break out in a sweat and shake when my plans got skewed at the last minute. As crazy as that was, I am much better now and I really have empathy for anyone who lives that stressed out. Now, if something goes wrong sometimes, I just have to roll with it.

Avoid “time sucks.” Yes, this means Facebook and Pinterest. I do not use Pinterest on a regular basis and, although I would like to use it more, that will have to develop over time. I used to stress over posting on facebook everyday, but I have since discovered how to schedule my posts so I schedule several at a time when I have an hour or so and it takes some pressure off of me.

Set your priorities and stick to them. My priorities throughout a regular day are simple: my family and my clients. Whomever needs me at the moment gets my undivided attention, that is the way it must be. I am very happy with both aspects of my life.

Write it down so you won’t forget. Anyone who knows me knows that this one goes without saying. I write down everything. I have a calendar for all my activities. I have a notebook with several sections of to-dos and categories of to-dos to keep up with all I must get done. Being organized helps me more than anything, I believe.

Learn to let go of some things. The dust bunnies will still be there. I am allergic to dust. Thankfully, I have a great lady who comes in every other week and takes care of that. My wonderful hubby also bought me a great HEPA machine to help me keep fresh air circulating.

Enjoy this time as a “mom.” Soon you’ll miss the little messes they leave you. Being that I am not the “mom” in this case, but the grandma, I can truly attest to this fact being absolutely true. I will not take one single, precious moment with these girls for granted.

these tips are offered in hopes of helping other juggling moms and grandmoms out there. All in all I believe I am getting the hang of this newfound life. It is a crazy juggling act on some days, but the multitasking is so worth it. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be able to have this time with my girls.

Until next time….I hope you have many special moments!



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