A Snowy Birthday in Texas!


Happy Monday everyone and thank you for joining me. Today, I am sharing a recap of Aleyah’s birthday celebration from a few weeks ago. We are so blessed to have had this precious little girl for 3 years now and we, of course, wanted to celebrate big! Being a family of Disney fanatics, I am sure you can guess that the party had a Disney theme – Frozen, to be exact.

This was a Frozen party unlike any others I have seen around the area. We had some really special decorations, food, cake and and exciting activities for the kids. There was a brand new playset with swings, a teeter totter and slide; a trampoline (Elsa’s Ice Castle); a photo booth; and the best part for the kids – SNOW!!!


Living on the Texas Gulf Coast, you might imagine that our weather is not conducive with snow flurries, being 86 degrees and very sunny. Luckily, my Daughter-in-law had found an awesome product called Snow in Seconds. This non-toxic product is fantastic; it actually does make snow in just seconds. And, one of my favorite things about this product is that it is made in America.


Our first trial run with Snow in Seconds was at Aleyah’s photo session for her party invitations. As you can see the product was easy to use and looks completely real. Plus, it was fun with her to play with and lasts a good, long time.

For the party, we made A LOT of snow. We laid out a tarp and used a big cooler to make batches of the snow in and then dumped it. It is the easiest thing to make, just pour in the snow powder and add water.

The kids loved playing in the snow, making snow angels and having snow fights with each other. Because we made such a large quantity of snow, we could not freeze it so the kids could not build a snowman, but they did not miss that opportunity at all. They all had such a blast!


They made snow angels…


Aleyah taught her sister all about what snow is…



And the kids, being such believers in giving and sharing, just had to make sure their younger siblings had a full experience.


We made the kiddos take off their shoes before entering the snow area as we didn’t want the snow sticking to the bottom of their shoes and being carried out of the snow area. This worked out really well.


Aleyah and her family and friends had a wonderful time at the party. The snow was a huge hit but there was also great food, an awesome cake and, best of all, a chance for us all to get together to celebrate a very special little girl.


Happy 3rd birthday, Aleyah! Can’t wait to see what we will be doing next year.


Author’s Note: If you are interested in trying this great product for yourself, you can find it at the website for Snow in Seconds (www.snowinseconds.com).


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4 years 3 months ago

Love it!

4 years 3 months ago

You can get this awesome snow at http://snowinseconds.com/


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