Disney’s Whispering Canyon Cafe – Is It For You?


Traveling to Walt Disney World often has afforded my family the opportunity to choose our favorites, while passing on other less-favorable experiences. For my family, our “favorites list” includes rides, shows and definitely dining. One of our consistent ADRs for many years has been Whispering Canyon Cafe inside Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

During our most recent trip, we discovered a recent, and important, change at Whispering Canyon Cafe. The “Watch or Play” coaster is now being placed on your table. This coaster is set for the guest to choose how much of the WCC experience they would like to experience.

The green side reads, “Jump in and play” while the red side reads, “Watch from the fence!” Whether you will be visiting Whispering Canyon Cafe for the first time, or have visited numerous times like me, this choice will be important to how you experience WCC.

WCC red coaster

wcc green coaster








I affectionately call Whispering Canyon Cafe “the restaurant with great, down home food and a sassy staff.” The antics for us are a big part of the fun. Not everyone feels the same way, however, so this coaster indicates whether you will want to join in on the loud, raucous craziness that ensues (including the possibility of 25 bottles of ketchup being brought to your table, huge or tiny drinks being served to you, like in this picture of Joshua when he asked for “a little more soda,” etc.) or if you would like to watch but not participate.

WCC tiny drink

We love the fun and we definitely bring our sense of humor. Thankfully, we had Sunshine as our server this trip. She is sassy and fun — just like we like it! Sometimes guests aren’t so lucky, though. My good friend and client, DeAnna, is great fun herself but her server was not one of the loud and hilariously obnoxious ones, so her experience wasn’t so much fun.

I think the new coaster idea is a good one. Be sure to use it during your next, or first ever, visit to WCC. If you really want to laugh, ask for Sunshine. At the very least, tell the host when you check in for your reservation if you would like a really fun server.

Hoping for a latest review of the food? Stay tuned next week when I will share some thoughts on the menu, the food and, of course, the awesome desserts.

Until next time, happy travels!

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