Guilty Pleasures — My Top 5 Disney Indulgences

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With the abundance of awesome food choices offered at Walt Disney World, everyone has their very favorite dishes, snacks, and treats. Guilty pleasures are said to be things we enjoy, but that others may not think we should enjoy, and so they should be kept to ourselves. There is no way I am going to keep my favorite Disney Guilty Pleasures a secret. Afterall, I want you to enjoy your Walt Disney World trip just as much as I want to enjoy my own. So, today I am sharing my Top 5 Disney Indulgences. Counting down from 5 to 1, I wonder how many will agree with my choices.

#5     Butterfinger Cupcake at Starring Rolls Cafe

Made with the best chocolate cake and rich chocolate fudge frosting in the center, and topped with mounds of vanilla buttercream frosting, and then loads of Butterfinger topping. Mmm hmmm!


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#4     Wagon Wheel Chocolate S’mores at Whispering Canyon Cafe

Thick, yummy waffles with warm dark chocolate sauce and marshmallow gelato. Yummo!

Wagon Wheel Smores at WCC1


#3     Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake at Liberty Tree Tavern

Crispy outside, gooey inside chocolate chip toffee cookie goodness. Ice cream tops off this delectable treat and it is not to be missed.


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#2     Bread and Butter Pudding from Raglan Road

The first of 2 favorite desserts at Disney which happen to both be bread pudding, we begin with this Bread and Butter Pudding. This is delicious bread pudding with raisins, baked to perfection, with individual pitchers of creme anglaise and butterscotch. Fish N Chips yep! — but I’m here for one reason only!

Bread and Butter Pudding at Raglan Road


#1     ‘Ohana Bread Pudding with Bananas Foster Sauce

Made with ‘Ohana Breakfast Bread with a hint of coconut and pineapple flavor, this bread pudding served a la mode style and drenched in Bananas Foster Sauce is the best thing going at Disney. Visit ‘Ohana for a wonderful dinner that includes this amazing family favorite!

Ohana Bread Pudding1

Well, there are my top 5. I hope you will try some of my guilty pleasures during your next trip to WDW. Do you agree with my choices? What are some of yours?


SPECIAL AUTHOR’S NOTE: I just could not close out this post without including one dessert that has been on my favorites list for years. This special treat was at The Writer’s Stop at Hollywood Studios. The Writer’s Stop closed recently as one of the park’s redesign casualties but the Carrot Cake Cookie cannot go without a mention here. If you ever had one, you certainly know why! It will be sadly missed by me and many others.

Carrot Cake Cookie


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