Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis


Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis was, at least for me, a very tough thing to swallow. Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, my body had started to attack itself. If the symptoms of the disease weren’t bad enough (sudden, extreme weight gain, brittle hair, extreme fatigue, brain fog, etc), I was faced with having to find a new General Practitioner and Endocrinologist due to health insurance/financial reasons.

I have already undergone Food Allergy Testing with my former Endocrinologist and Skin Allergy Testing in the Department of Dermatology at Baylor College of Medicine. I have avoided every one of the items on both of my allergy lists since the day I received the results. Still, I cannot avoid the hives no matter what I try.

Upon meeting with my new GP and thoroughly discussing my disease, medications, etc. I addressed the near-daily cause of my extreme frustration and the real reason I went to see her in the first place — my chronic idiopathic urticaria. Chronic (meaning persisting for a long time or constantly recurring) idiopathic (relating to or denoting any disease or condition that arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown) urticaria (hives).

My hives began suddenly at the age of 47 which, I suspect, is also when my Hashimoto’s likely began. During that year, I broke out in hives only a couple of times. The following year was a little more frequent, and the next year more frequent still. But, 2015 was nearly constant inflammation of my skin. My hives do not last for 30 minutes to an hour like most; they last for 3-4 days, which is usually about the time new hives are beginning.

My new General Practitioner said one thing she should have never said to a lady like me, “Well, some people just have unexplained hives and there is nothing they can do about it.” WHAT? That did not go over well with me! If stress has a huge affect on hives, and it does, I was in a full-blown patch when I left her office that day. I remembered the words of Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that good night..Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” I decided right then that this is not going to be the hand I am dealt for the rest of my life.

I started researching everything I could find on Hashimoto’s and on chronic urticaria. There is so much information out there it becomes overwhelming quite fast. Trying to figure out what may work for you is trying, as every single post or Youtube video reiterates the fact that causes of hives are so personal that what works to alleviate them in one person may not work for another.

Through my church, I began a new bible study called Daring Faith, by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. I dove into the study with an open heart and an open mnd and within the first 2 weeks I had been lead by 4 different sources to information on the Paleo Auto-Immune Diet. This eating plan, along with taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, and HCl with Pepsin as supplements seemed to make sense to me. Digging deeper, I found a plan for eating only protein and vegetables for meals and only fruit for snacks. I also found information on bone broth for healing. There was a great deal of information on this. I knew in my heart and mind that I was onto something.

I purchased the probiotics and began taking 50 billion per day. I began eating protein and vegetable meals being certain to take 2 digestive enzymes before each meal, along with 1 HCl with Pepsin tablet. I ate only fruit for snacks. I purchased bone broth and started adding a cup a day to my diet.

I stuck to this plan religiously for 3 weeks. Since I don’t like many vegetables, I ate green peas nearly everyday and sometimes twice per day. I had oranges, apples, pineapple, mango, bananas — everything fresh and also organic if it is on the Dirty Dozen list. Then, as suggested  by much of my research and lots of help from my sisters, I decided to go to see a Functional Medicine Specialist in my area.

Read about my visit to the Functional Medicine Specialist soon!


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