31 Disney Tips for Your Disney World Trip – Day 3: Logistics


When planning the logistics of your Disney World vacation, don’t bother trying to plan around check in and check out times at your resort. You’ll find that Disney resorts are unlike other hotels you have visited. Disney wants you to start enjoying your vacation with your family as soon as possible. They’ll happily make sure your bags are secure while you go out and start enjoying your day.

Check in time for Disney resorts is typically 3:00 p.m. but you can check in as soon as you arrive, providing it is after their computer system rolls over to that day. This normally happens during pre-dawn hours. You can also check in online before you ever leave home by using your MyDisneyExperience.com account. This doesn’t mean that your room will be ready early but it does afford you the opportunity to either head to the park (if you have tickets for the day) or have some fun around your resort.

When I plan my flight, I choose the earliest flight available on the day of arrival and the latest flight possible on the day of departure. Whether arriving by car or Magical Express, you will be ready to start your day with a little help from Bell Services.

If you arrive by car, Bell Services at your resort will store your luggage for you. They will tag your bags with your name and a barcode, give you a receipt, and store your bags in a secure location. Once your room is ready, and you are back from a fun day, you can either pick it up from Bell Services or have it delivered to your room.

If you are flying in and using Magical Express, your luggage will be placed in your room once the Magical Express staff delivers it from the airport.

Whether you drive or fly, plan to have all the items you need for arrival day in one bag that you can keep with you. If you plan to hang out by the pool, pack your swimsuits, sunscreen and anything else you need in that bag. If it is too big to lug around, you can check it at Bell Services as well.

The same applies for your departure day. Disney is not in any rush to kick you out. They want you to enjoy the magic as long as you possibly can. If you are driving, your luggage can be held until you are ready to drive away.

For Magical Express departures, you should check your bags with the Magical Express staff before heading to the park, Disney Springs or whatever else you might have planned for your final day. Remember, though, that you will not see your luggage again until you arrive at your home airport. Be sure to have all your travel documents, medications, etc. in your carry-on before checking your luggage.

Have as much fun as you can for as long as you can at Disney World. The real world will be pulling your strings again soon enough.

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