31 Tips for Your Disney World Trip: Day 13 – Merchandise Delivery


I am definitely the exception to the rule when it comes to the common misconception that women love to shop. I would rather be reading a book or going to a movie any day of the week. I don’t know why it is, but all that seems to change as soon as I step foot into the Magic Kingdom.

You can bet that I will want some “special something” as soon as I enter the park. I will inevitably start to ponder whether or not that treasured item will be available if I don’t snatch it up right away. But, I definitely don’t want to lug that bag around all day and get on and off of the rides with it. Luckily, Disney understands that and they have made it very easy for shoppers to buy while offering several methods for pick-up and delivery.

Guests of Disney resorts have 3 different options: souvenir pickup, Disney resort delivery and home delivery. Today we are taking a closer look at all of these options.

Souvenir Pick-Up

Before completing your purchase, tell the cast member assisting you that you want to ship your items to the front of the park. In the Magic Kingdom, you will pick up your packages at the Main Street Chamber of Commerce. In Epcot, you have a choice between The Gift Shop (located in the front of the park) or The World Traveler (located at International Gateway). In Hollywood Studios, you will pick up purchases at Oscar’s Super Service. In Animal Kingdom, Garden Gate Gifts will be the pick-up location.

Please do keep in mind that it takes several hours for the deliveries to be made. The cast member should be able to give you an idea of when it might be there.

Disney Resort Delivery

If you are a Disney resort guest, you can choose to ship your items to your resort at the time of purchase. This is a free service Disney offers. When you tell the cast member assisting you that you would like it shipped to your resort, she will verify that your stay will extend past the delivery date, which is usually 1-2 days. You will be asked to complete a triplicate form including your name, address, phone number, resort name, and check out date. You will then be given the green copy of the triplicate form to take with you. You will need to have that form (receipt) with you in order to pick up your merchandise.

The merchandise is usually delivered to the resort gift shop and you should receive a call in your room to let you know it’s been delivered. At your convenience, you can go to the Package Pickup area to retrieve your items. This option is great if you have large or breakable purchases, or if it is a surprise for someone in your party and you don’t want him or her to see it.

I always put a reminder in my phone for any merchandise I need to pick up as it is easy to forget while you’re having so much fun. You don’t want to discover that you left your purchases in “The World” once you get home. Speaking of home…

Home Delivery

One more option Disney has made available, and one I have taken advantage of quite frequently, is home delivery. With this option, your purchases will be packed up by the cast members and shipped directly to your home. I have used this for Christmas ornament purchases and gift purchases every year for quite a while now. If you don’t want to take a chance of having your delicate items smashed against the metal barrier of the conveyer belt at the airport, this is the way to go, and it’s so easy to do.

The same process applies as stated above as you will be asked to complete a triplicate form including your name, address, phone number, etc. The difference is that this service is not free like the other two options; you must pay shipping charges. The good news is that the shipping charges are based on the total amount of your purchase, not the weight or size of the shipment. Also, if you use the Disney Parks shopping app on your smartphone, you can sometimes get a free shipping deal on ground shipping.

The next time you discover your shopaholic side at Disney, remember that you can purchase whatever you’d like whenever you’d like and Disney can take care of the rest. It really does make shopping for all of our Disney treasures quite convenient.


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