31 Tips for Your Disney World Trip: Day 14 – Park Maps and Times Guides


Each day of your Disney World visit provides new and exciting opportunities to experience the magic of Disney. In order to keep up with all of the limitless daily offerings in and around the parks, it’s good to get in the habit of picking up a Times Guide each day. This will keep you up-to-the-minute on happenings in and around the parks. A park map is also very helpful  to get you where you are going quickly.

Where do I get the Park Map and the Times Guide

Display racks with Times Guides and maps are available immediately upon entering the parks and at the main drop off and pick up locations at Disney Springs. Simply choose the one for your language. Guests can also find them scattered around the parks and Disney Springs in stands at some of the restaurants and merchandise registers, as well as at the Guest Relations offices.

The information included in the Times Guide changes week to week, and sometimes even day to day if the schedule changes or if extra experiences are added. They are loaded with information and some of what’s included is highlighted below.

Park Hours

Park hours are listed for each day of the week. Park hours are sometimes changed with very little notice so that’s the reason for getting one each day.

Parade and Nighttime Spectacular Times

All parades and showtimes for the park are listed. You will need to consult your park map for the parade routes.

Special Hours

Some attractions and restaurants have different operating hours than the parks. Those are listed so you will know when you need to get to an attraction before it closes or so you’ll know that the quick-service restaurant you planned to visit closes earlier than expected.

Show Times

There are many shows that are performed in the parks each day. The times and locations for these are listed here.

Atmosphere Entertainment

This is the extra entertainment and side shows that are offered at Animal Kingdom. The times and locations are listed here.

Character Greeting Times

The name of each character, the location and the times guests can meet their favorite characters are listed here.


If new dining or shopping locations have recently opened in the park, there will be a small ad for them, just to let you know.


I stop and pick these up every time I enter the park. I like to know what’s going on at all times, as occasionally plans need to be modified. The best way to regroup is to know your options. Being informed also ensures that you wont miss out on any of the magic.

Thanks for joining me and have a magical day!


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