31 Tips for Your Disney World Trip: Day 15 – Watch for Bounceback Offers


Today I’m sharing a tip for saving money on a future trip to Disney World. It is very important that you check every piece of paper left in your resort room. Sometimes Disney will notify you that one park or another may open early the next day, or that there is a change in the transportation schedule, etc. Sometimes, you might even be offered a deal on a future stay.

You can often find a Bounceback Offer in the literature in your room. Sometimes it is on a card and other times it is included in the book about your resort. You should look for it if you hope to visit again in the near future.

What is a Bounceback Offer?

A Bounceback Offer is simply an offer to get you to “bounce back” to Disney World by providing a special discount if you book your next trip during your current stay. Sometimes these discounts are for Free Dining or a great room rate, to which you can add tickets and dining.

What should I do if I find one?

If you find a Bounceback Offer in your room, contact the number shown in the advertisement while you’re still checked into your resort. These offers cannot be booked once you are back home. If you are my client and you book one, please contact me right away so we can transfer the reservation and you can still get your incentive gift.

You should have an idea of when you might be able to visit again, as the offer only covers certain dates. I still get so excited when I book a Bounceback Offer. It’s a great way to start planning (and saving) early.

I hope this will save you money while providing you with another great opportunity to experience more of the magic of Disney. Thanks for joining me.


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