31 Tips for Your Disney World Trip: Day 17 – Use the WDW Railroad for Transportation


As you enter the Magic Kingdom, you’ll notice that you pass right under the Walt Disney World Railroad Depot. Some file on in and head down Main Street USA, but if your goal is to get to Frontierland or Fantasyland, you might want to stop here.

The Walt Disney World Railroad makes 3 stops. If the park was a clock with the entrance at 6 o’clock, the train stations would be at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, with the train operating clockwise. While most guests use the front of Main Street only when entering/exiting, and have to cross the entire park to get to their first fast pass, you can bypass the crowd by hopping on the train.

The first leg of the trip is bound for Frontierland. If you have fast passes for Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, this is a great way to get there fast. You can delight in the scenery along the way. You might even catch a glimpse of the crowds walking briskly to get to your same destination, while you comfortably enjoy the ride. Though the train is a practical way to get from Point A to Point B, it’s also a fun thing to do and a great way to relax when you get tired of walking.

Late in the day, when your feet hurt and you’re tired, you can enjoy a relaxing 20-minute, 1.5-mile scenic trip around the Magic Kingdom. When we aren’t pressed for time, my family and I sometimes ride all the way around and then to our intended stop. It’s a perfect time to catch up on how everyone is doing also.

The WDW Railroad is a great way to get around. You usually don’t have to wait too long to ride as the train is scheduled to arrive every 4-10 minutes. So, even if you just miss it another will be coming along shortly. If you are near the front of the line your child may even be chosen to be the Guest Conductor.

Don’t just pass by this Disney icon on your next visit. Take a load off and enjoy the ride!


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