31 Tips for Your Disney World Trip: Day 24 – Photos at the Parks

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A trip to Disney World is a must for every family as far as I’m concerned. There is nothing better than sharing fun times with those we love. Planning a magical vacation can get quite expensive, though, and families must decide what they definitely want for their trip and what they can do without.

There are many ways families try to minimize costs, such as: bringing food from home, packing snacks into their backpacks, and bringing other items from home as we discussed on Day 8. Some expenses are truly necessary, like tickets and money for food, but sometimes families have to cut back on expenses they deem optional. Disney’s Memory Maker is one such option.

Memory Maker is an awesome product as far as I’m concerned. You receive digital rights to every photo taken of your family while at Disney World, as well as all on-ride videos of your family actually riding the rides together. It’s a great option if it’s in your budget. But, what if it’s not? At $149 per family, Memory Maker is one expense families often have to do without. The great thing is that Disney knows families have budgets and they want you to have those precious memories without stretching their pocketbooks beyond their means.

At Disney World, Disney Photopass photographers will use your personal camera to take the same photos they are taking with the Photopass cameras. All of the photos in front of the castle and at all of the Photopass locations can be captured on your personal camera. They will even take the photo with your smartphone if you hand it over to them ready to click. You will not receive the on-ride videos, nor the capability of enhancing and personalizing your photos, but you will have the photos.

When planning your trip please consider Memory Maker as it is an awesome souvenir. If you can’t work it into the budget, though, at least you know your treasured memories will still be preserved.


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