Moments with Mimi: A Positive Reflection

Welcome to Moments with Mimi where I share thoughts, experiences and stories of my life as a Work At Home Mimi. This past Saturday morning, Butch and I decided we would pick up Aleyah and McKinley and take them out to breakfast. We arrived at one of our local restaurants and went inside. There was a small crowd gathered in the entryway and we mixed into the crowd so we could wait for the hostess to issue our number. Our little McKinley, without any thought or hesitation, walked right up to the 5 foot tall counter and reached her hands up to tell the cashiers “Good Morning!”

A few minutes later a friend of mine, whom I have not seen in over a year, came up and gave me a big hug. She told me that she and her family were having breakfast when she noticed a very sweet little blonde girl walk up to the counter to address the staff. She was so impressed by the scene of such a sweet gesture that she didn’t even notice who the little girl was with, but when she realized it was us she came over to chat.

After our conversation, I realized that I might be getting a bit complacent about the special things she does. I don’t want to miss out on one single totally amazing thing that little girl does. She is such a joy and I am so glad that my spunky little McKinley has such an outgoing personality. I hope she never loses that love for life!

I am extremely proud of all the times that both she and Aleyah have cast a positive reflection on me. I love that I have precious time with them during the weekdays while I work from home. I love that we talk about real life things, like how kindness really matters and how everyone is important.

Our children are a reflection of us, that is for sure. In my case, it spans 2 generations deep. I am so thankful for the chain of love and I hope it will continue for many generations to come.


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