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I always have a Bucket List in the works for my next Disney trip. My family and I will be “back home” at Walt Disney World in November so today I thought I’d share my 5 Must-haves for this upcoming trip. They all have one thing in common too – SUGAR!

Most of these are Disney’s more recent sweet offerings. I wasn’t able to try everything during my June trip, so I am going to finish off my list this time (before starting another one). My list includes some yummy baked items I’ve never tried and a couple of old favorites that are back. I have provided a description of each so you can see if they might make it to your bucket list as well. Most of these are available with a snack credit from the dining plan. Here we go!


#1. Whoopie Pies (Sweet Spells, Hollywood Studios)

Sweet Spells offers 4 different varieties of Whoopie Pies: Maple Bacon, Orange Cream, Cookies and Cream and Banana. I plan to indulge in the Cookies and Cream one but here is a description of each.

Maple Bacon Whoopie Pie: two vanilla cakes sandwich a thick layer of maple cream filling. Pieces of candied bacon are added around the sides. More maple cream filling is piled on top, followed by a drizzle of chocolate and more small pieces of bacon. (Food allergies will prevent me from trying this one but I wanted you to be able to try one if it sounds good to you)*

Orange Cream Whoopie Pie: this is also made with two vanilla cakes but the cream filling in the center is orange cream. On top is more orange cream with orange-colored white chocolate shavings and a slice of mandarin orange. (I can’t eat this on either as I’m allergic to citrus)*

Cookies and Cream Whoopie Pie: two chocolate cakes sandwich a light and creamy center with crushed cookie pieces, similar to “the grey stuff” at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Then it is topped with more cookie filling, some chocolate drizzle and half of an Oreo cookie. This one I plan to enjoy!!!

Banana Whoopie Pie: this is two vanilla-flavored cakes with a banana-cream center, topped with more banana filling and some slightly toasted marshmallows. Chocolate is then drizzled over the marshmallows and a dried banana tops it all off. (You guessed it, I can’t have this one either)*


#2. Peanut Butter Pie (Contempo Cafe, Disney’s Contemporary Resort)

I have enjoyed many a cupcake at the Contempo Cafe but I have yet to try this yummy-looking treat. This made my list because of the peanut butter cream cheese filling alone. This pb cream filling is scooped on top of a layer of vanilla cream and stuffed into a vanilla shell. Then it’s drizzled with chocolate ganache and adorned with mini chocolate chips all around the sides of the peanut butter cream cheese mound. OMG!!


#3. Nutella and Fruit Waffle Sandwich (Sleepy Hollow, Magic Kingdom)

This is a huge Belgian waffle with a generous amount of Nutella (hazelnut chocolate spread) smeared all over the top. A heaping helping of berries and bananas fill the entire top of the waffle. It looks like a packed pillow of goodness, y’all! I can’t wait to try it! Please, Disney, don’t change the Sleepy Hollow menu yet again before I get there!


#4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cupcake (Trolley Car Cafe, Hollywood Studios)

This treat sounds suspiciously like one of my faves, the Butterfinger Cupcake, that I used to get from Starring Roles (which closed). The original was made with the best chocolate cake and rich chocolate fudge frosting in the center. It was topped with mounds of vanilla buttercream frosting and then loads of Butterfinger topping. This one looks just the same in the photos I’ve seen. Still, the new name makes me wonder if there’s any difference at all between the two and, since I am a giver and I want to make sure you’re all informed, I will try this version for a solid verdict.


#5. Carrot Cake Cookie (Sweet Spells, Hollywood Studios)

Finally, my all time favorite — the Carrot Cake Cookie which can now be found at Sweet Spells – yay! When the Writers Stop closed I thought I was going to go into a withdrawal coma but, thankfully, they brought my favorite back. This masterpiece is made up of two carrot cake cookies that are so soft they almost melt in your mouth (but substantial enough to hold up well). They sandwich a thick pile of cream cheese frosting and it is awesome! This one is big enough to last all day. I will be happily indulging in this perfectly sweet treat in November.


That’s my list. Do you think you’ll be trying any, or all, of these sweet indulgences during your next trip? What are your favorite treats at the parks? Let me know in the comments and have a sweet day all!


*I would like to add as a side note that until my allergist put me on monthly Xolair shots I could not have enjoyed any such creamy desserts. I am so thankful for Dr. Lee and all the staff at the McGovern Allergy & Asthma Clinic in Houston.


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