Stroller Rental at Walt Disney World


I have many guests who use strollers and/or scooters at Walt Disney World. Some want to have a stroller for the park and resort, but don’t use one at home or don’t want to take theirs on the trip. I tell them it’s no problem at all, I can take care of reserving a stroller or scooter for them.

If you’re my guest, I’ll be happy to reserve a stroller or scooter for your stay as well. Having one waiting for you to use throughout your stay is easy. There are just a few easy steps to my renting a stroller or scooter for you at Walt Disney World:

  1. Decide which one: I will be happy to send you the website link for the stroller, or scooter, company I recommend. You will just need to choose the one you’d like and let me know.
  2. Tell me your arrival time: I will need to know your arrival time so I can have the item delivered to your resort prior to your arrival. They will leave it at Bell Services for you.
  3. Tell me your departure time: I will need to know what time you will depart so I can have the item retrieved once your trip is over. You will just need to return it to Bell Services prior to your departure.
  4. Provide credit card details: I will need credit card details to book the reservation. The rental fees will be charged the week before arrival.

That’s it. You will have a stroller or scooter with your name on it. No need to worry about reserving it yourself!

TIP:  Some guests like to make their own stroller sign — myself included. They can be made out of paper and laminated or made out of even sturdier material. It’s your choice.



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