My Top 5 Favorite Free Offerings at Walt Disney World


It is no secret how much I absolutely love Walt Disney World. Some people love it and others think it is just too expensive. I know that prices are going up, just like every other destination. Still, I don’t think many realize all of the extraordinary free offerings provided by Disney during your magical family vacation. Truly, there are a few things the Disney company does that have really impressed me. Holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed that my top 5 free things at Walt Disney World stay free. Here are my thoughts on the top 5 free offerings.

#5. Package Delivery

I love the option of making purchases at the parks and Disney Springs and being able to send those purchases directly to my resort for free. No one wants to walk around the parks with bags, not to mention the challenge of trying to store the bags at your feet on the rides. Guests staying at a Disney resort can have their purchases sent to the resort’s gift shop for pick-up the next day. This makes shopping so convenient.

#4. Celebrating Guests

Disney loves helping their guests celebrate life events and milestones. You can get a free button at check-in or at Guest Services at the parks for birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries, and other milestones. Cast members, and other Disney guests for that matter, truly enjoy wishing you a happy day. But, did you know that in addition to free buttons, guests can get a free treat at most table-service dining locations to further celebrate their event? Just tell the cast member at check-in, or your server, what you are celebrating. Chances are excellent that you will receive a celebratory cupcake or chocolate treat to commemorate the event (such as the special toast in the photo above). I love this little measure of extra magic that doesn’t cost a thing.

#3. Ice Water

Walt Disney wanted guests at his park to be comfortable and to stay as long as possible enjoying a great time with their families. Every guest in the parks is welcome to free ice water to keep hydrated and make their hot days a little cooler as well. At any time of the day, guests can go to any quick-service dining location, or kiosk that serves drinks, and ask for a cup of ice water. You will not pay a cent. Stay hydrated and have fun!

#2. Fast Pass

Disney parks are still offering fast passes to their guests for free. This does not happen at other theme parks, and I can tell you that you will pay a pretty penny for express pass down the street. I am holding my breath that Disney will continue to offer this awesome option for free! Thanks, Disney, for helping us make the best use of our family time at the parks without charging us for the opportunity.

#1. Magical Express

I have written about this exceptional Disney service numerous times, but no matter how much I say about it it’s just not enough. Whomever developed this service to Disney guests should be recognized for the utmost of customer service ideas across the board. In my opinion, Magical Express is the very best idea and follow-through that any destination has ever implemented. The only place this service is offered is Walt Disney World. Available to every Disney resort guest, all the guest must do is to provide their flight details. Guests receive their transportation from Orlando International Airport to their resort and back for free. I have been extremely impressed with this service from its inception and I am keeping the pixie dust flowing around this service, my #1 free service offered by Disney.

I hope you enjoyed this look at my TOP 5 free Disney offerings. Did I leave out any that are on your Top 5 list? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Keep traveling and have a Disney day!


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