What If A Discount Comes Out After I Book?

I am asked this question quite a bit, although I normally make it a practice to share with my guests the answer before they ever have to ask. A discount can be applied to a Disney room-only reservation or a package reservation, even after the reservation has been made. Booking your trip with an agent like me is definitely to your advantage as I constantly monitor my guests’ reservations for any deal that will save them money. If one is released, I apply the discount immediately and then let them know what they saved. There is no need for them to try to troll the internet or keep their ear to the ground for a deal because I am always looking out for their best interest.

Disney often releases discounts for travel dates after the 6-month dining window opens up. This is why guests should never wait until a discount is released to book their trip. Dining reservations are a very important part of a Disney trip so you will want to book at least 6 months plus a day out, even if no discount has been released. Rest assured, I will keep my eyes and ears open.

Some people can’t understand why I would work so hard to lower the trip cost for my guests, thus making less money myself. I will tell you the truth! I love my job; but, frankly, this job does not pay much. I do it for the heart payment. It is in my DNA to want to help families spend quality time together and to feel closer than ever. There is nowhere else in the world, in my opinion, where this is accomplished quite like at Disney. Plus, my motto is to always give more in value than I could take in payment. It means a lot to me!

Will I get you a discount if it falls within your trip dates and at your resort, or offer to change your resort if I have to in order to get you the discount? You bet I will!!!

Happy planning and be sure to contact me anytime to start planning your magical family vacation!

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