My Top 10 Time-Saving Tips

Visiting Disney parks is a great way for families to share special memories together. Everyone knows it’s my favorite way to spend time with family. With so much to do and see, it’s sometimes hard to fit it all in and, while we’d all like to stay for a week or two, it sometimes just isn’t possible. Also, a Disney trip is not what most would call a cheap vacation. It is worth every penny, as far as I’m concerned, but it’s not cheap. Guests need to maximize their time to get the very most out of their vacation dollars. To help you accomplish this, today I’m sharing my Top 10 Time-Saving Tips.

These tips cover everything from arrival and departure times, to fast pass changes, to planning dining and just being more flexible. Here are my top 10 time-saving tips for your Walt Disney World vacation:

1.  Arrive Earlier: Plan to arrive at your resort as early as possible. This may involve taking an early morning flight or planning to arrive by car early in the morning. It doesn’t matter that check-in time is 4:00. Disney wants you to be able to spend as much time having fun with your family as possible. Once you check in, you can have your luggage held at Guest Services and then go straight to the park.

2. Depart Later: Book the flight as late as you can. Magical Express will pick you up 3 hours before your flight so plan on that. If you are driving, try to stay most of the day before driving part of the way home in order to maximize your time. Check-out time may be 11 AM but if you have a ticket for your departure day it is good until park closing.

3.  Get to the park early: Plan to arrive before park opening. This tip is for each park. Plan to be there by 8:20 for 9:00 park opening. You will get right into the park and have an hour to ride as much as you can before the park gets busy.

4.  Stay at the park late: If there is a ride you missed because the lines were too long, wait until it is nearly park closing time to get in line. As long as guests are in the line by park closing, they will be allowed to ride. Buses run until one hour after the park closes.

5.  Book additional fast passes: Once you enter the fast pass line for your third fast pass, go into your MyDisneyExperience app right away and book a 4th fast pass. Please note that some fast pass lines have 2 checkpoints so you may have to wait until you pass the second checkpoint.

6. Change fast pass: When you arrive at the ride for a booked fast pass, check the wait time for the standby line. If the standby line is a short wait, get into that line instead. Then open the app on your phone and change that fast pass to something else.

7. Beat the crowd: If your child is interested in signing up for the Jedi Training Academy, plan an early morning breakfast at Hollywood & Vine (8:00 a.m.). As soon as breakfast is over, make a dash to sign up.

8. Plan an early breakfast: Book an early morning breakfast, specifically before park opening, to give you an advantage to getting to the rides near the restaurant before the rest of the crowd. Try to get 8:00 AM breakfast reservations to beat the crowds.

9.  Skip the show: If you’ve already seen the parade or the fireworks show, skip it and use this prime time to ride the most popular rides.

10. Be flexible: If possible, get park hopper tickets. Occasionally, a park is just too crowded or the bus to one park is crazy while the bus to another park isn’t crowded at all. Be flexible enough to change your plans, if possible.  Once I planned to go to Hollywood Studios for the morning and early afternoon and then to Disney Springs for the late afternoon and evening. The bus came for Disney Springs and was empty. The bus came for Hollywood Studios and I realized the 60 people waiting for the bus were waiting for that one. I decided to reverse my day. Of course, fast pass reservations will dictate your flexibility.

I hope you found these tips helpful! What are your favorite time-saving tips?


If you’d like help planning your next trip, feel free to contact me at Happy travels!

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