Pre-planning Tips for Your Walt Disney World Vacation

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A visit to Walt Disney World starts long before you check into your resort. Planning is a big part of the fun! It’s also the reason why having an agent looking out for you is so important.

Most guests know that you need to plan dining and other activities well in advance. Many also know about the benefits of staying on property, the different ticket options available and the choice of dining plans. But there are some lesser-known tips guests need to take into consideration when planning their vacations. These can be things you might need to bring with you, logistical tips you need to consider, special considerations for certain guests, and Disney rules you need to know. I have highlighted many of these for you below.

Things you may need to bring with you

There are certain items you will not find anywhere at Walt Disney World. These include chewing gum and Cheerios. If you want to have either of these items on hand during your trip, you better bring them with you.

Coca-Cola products are the only type of soft drinks available at Walt Disney World. If you are a fan of Pepsi products, or any other type of soda, you should plan to bring some with you or order them for hotel delivery.

Guests are allowed to bring food items, such as snacks or foods that don’t require heating, into the parks. Please know that glass containers and alcohol are not allowed. Also, there are rules about what can be brought in (see a special note below under Disney rules). Plan to bring your park foods in your luggage or have them delivered to your hotel.

Logistical tips to consider

Transportation will likely take longer than you think. You will wait for the bus, load up and take the time to get from Point A to Point B. Disney says to allow 90 minutes to get to your destination. Sometimes an hour will do but play it safe. You will need to take this into consideration when planning out your day.

Here are some other logistical facts: you cannot walk to all the parks from any resort; you cannot walk from any one park to another park; you cannot take a Disney bus from one resort to another resort.

These points are important to remember when planning your days, especially if you will be park hopping. They will also be helpful to you if you plan to schedule character dining at resort locations.

Special considerations for certain guests

If you are a large guest who hasn’t been able to ride amusement park rides in the past, please know that very few attractions at Walt Disney World would be dificult to ride. You may only be able to ride 2 rides at Six Flags, for instance, but you would be able to ride nearly everything at Walt Disney World. Plan to be able to enjoy the fun!

If you or a member of your family is sensitive to loud noises, like the banging of fireworks, then plan to take earplugs with you.

If you think you won’t be able to ride thrill rides because one of your children is too small, think again. Disney’s Rider Switch Service is a great way to be able to enjoy all the attractions. Read my previous post for more details here.

Disney rules you need to know

It is important to know that you cannot use extra days on your park ticket to park-hop. You must add the park-hopper option to your ticket in order to hop.

You are allowed to visit other Disney resorts to dine, see decorations, and explore. You are NOT allowed to use pools at other resorts.

Even though Disney allows guests to take food into the parks, guests may not bring in suitcases, coolers or backpacks, with or without wheels, larger than 24″ long X 15″ wide X 18″ high (61cmx38cmx46cm). You may also consider that the lockers for rent at Disney parks are not large enough to house an item of this size.


I hope you will find this information helpful when planning your next trip. If you would like to post a tip to share with our readers, please post a comment below. Have a great day and happy planning.


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