Torch-Lighting Ceremony at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Torch-Lighting Ceremony at Polynesian Village

There is always a lot going on around the Walt Disney World Resort. Some offerings are well-known and well-advertised, while others just happen in the course of a normal day. One of the free Disney shows we really enjoy is the Torch-Lighting Ceremony at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

The Torch-Lighting Ceremony is held on Tuesday through Saturday evenings at 6:00 PM. To announce the show, one of the fire-dancers from Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show (luau) comes into the Great Ceremonial House and positions himself just inside the door. Another cast member announces the commencement of the Ceremony. The fire-dancer then makes a horn-like sound from a conch shell and guests in attendance are invited to go outside.

The ceremony is held in the lush area in front of the resort entrance. The announcer takes his place behind two large drums and then begins a Polynesian chant while beating the drums in rhythm. A few moments later, the fire-dancer returns with a large baton with fire blazing at both ends. A few ceremonial rituals are performed with his baton and then he proceeds to light several of the torches. The show continues with lots of drumming, while the fire-dancer continues with fire-eating and performing some impressive baton twirling.

The entire show lasts about 5-7 minutes. Because it’s rather short, it’s not worth making a special trip to the Polynesian Village Resort. If you happen to be there for dinner at ‘Ohana or to attend the luau,however, it’s definitely worth seeing. You’ll be glad you were able to enjoy this unique experience.

This is one of the many special, authentic experiences that Disney is so well-known for including in a guest’s vacation experience. I hope you’ll get to see it during your next trip.



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