My Pleasure: So Much More Than Two Little Words

As a person who’s in the service business, I tend to notice when the service I receive goes above and beyond or falls short of my expectation. Usually, it falls somewhere in the middle but with more good than bad. A few days ago, however, I had a very disappointing experience at a local grocery store. The conversation went something like this:

Cashier:  “How are you?”

Me: ‘Im’ great, how are you doing?’

Cashier: “I’m here”

Me:  ‘Well, the day’s flown by, so I guess you will be able to get off soon?’

Cashier: “Nope, then I get to go to my second job!”

I’ll tell ya, by the time I left the store I was so down-in-the-dumps. I wanted to provide a new perspective for the young man but how could I do that? One thing is for sure – attitudes, good or bad, are contagious! We affect others in every interaction we have.

That led me to thinking about how I present myself to others. When I talk to my guests, do I convey to them that it really is my pleaure to serve them? Can they recognize the fact that helping them to create the most wonderful trips for their families is truly an honor to me? That it really is my pleasure?

There are many possible responses to the words “thank you.” Some are: sure, you’re welcome, no problem, etc. To me, no problem sounds like ‘well, I didn’t really feel like helping you but it wasn’t that bad.’ My pleasure, on the other hand, conveys the sentiment that “I enjoyed that experience, thank you for gifting me the opportunity to be able to serve you.” These are the words of Phil M. Jones (author of Exactly What To Say). Strangely enough, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts the day after this incident at the grocery store. Phil M. Jones was the special guest on The Go-Giver Podcast with Bob Burg, to which I listen regularly. I couldn’t believe they were talking about this very subject of how we use words, but they were. Of course, I took it as a sign and felt like I should share it with you today.

Let me be very clear with my words. Helping families to spend quality time together, having fun and growing closer as a family is a gift. I live a charmed life, being able to do exactly what God implanted into my heart long ago. If you are my guest and have entrusted me with your family’s vacation, thank you! Working with you is truly MY PLEASURE!


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