Disney Trip Planning: Essentials to Buy at Home

Take from home for Disney trip

I recently started packing some items for my upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. There are so many things you might need that you don’t even think about until closer to your trip. It can get quite expensive buying these items at the parks. I recommend shopping at home and taking these necessities with you.

Here is my comprehensive list of items you might need to take with you. If you can think of anything that didn’t make it to my list, please post it in the comments so we can share those with others as well.

Your own stroller (but one the child can nap in)

Stroller clip (to hang bags from)

Backpacks (lightweight but strong prolypropylene with a drawstring closure and straps; one for each person to carry)

Rain Ponchos (Dollar Store 2/$.50)

Ziptop Bags

Fairy Godmother gifts

Carabiners (with rubber ring for holding bottled water)

Air Freshener (for bathroom)

Shoe Organizer (for family members’ toiletries in shared bathroom)

Body Glide/Monistat Soothing Care




Princess dresses and tiaras for princesses

Personal hand-held fan with mister or Necklace fans (I use O2Cool)

Cooling towel

Pop-up hamper

Breakfast foods for the room and snack foods for the parks

Everything for baby (diapers, wipes, ointments, food, swim diapers, bottles, sippy cups, bibs, etc)

Guide book (I recommend The Unofficial Guide to WDW)


Glowsticks, bracelets and necklaces

Trading pins (ebay is a cheap source)

Autograph book, matte or pillowcase and appropriate markers

Clickable permanent marker (these are easier for the costumed characters to sign with)

Disney tshirts

Mousekeeping envelopes


Swimmers Ear drops



Portable phone charger

Power strip

Collapsible cooler (if you will need one)

Laundry detergent and dryer sheets (if you will be washing clothes)

A roll of quarters and some pennies (if you will be doing the penny press machines)



First Aid kit (including bandaids or moleskin)

Safety pins

Small scissors

Parade pillow


Chewing gum (you cannot purchase it anywhere on property)

Grandparents 🙂 (they are invaluable and totally enjoyable, you know)

Thank you for joining me today. Be sure to leave a comment with any other necessities that of been important to your own trip.

Happy travels!

P.S. I have recently purchased these awesome packing cubes and packing has never been easier!!!

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