What’s Inside the Box with My Magicbands?

It is the greatest feeling in the world when guests receive their magicbands in the mail. Sometimes after months and months of planning, this is the sign that the trip is finally here! At my house, it’s party time!

Once you open the box you will find that your personalized magicbands aren’t the only contents inside the box. Here are some other important items you will also receive with your magicbands:

Under the flap on the left side of the box, there is a Magicband Information booklet. The booklet covers information about the magicbands, including the RF chip, and how to use them. A quick read will explain everything you need to know about the magicbands.


Under the flap on the right side, you will find Magical Extras and Luggage Tags. The luggage tags provided in this box are fun luggage tags that you may want to use on your luggage. These are not the Magical Express tags that you will be expecting if you are flying to Orlando and taking the Magical Express. Those yellow tags are mailed in a separate shipment.



Guests who have purchased packages with tickets will find the Magical Express Extras Card. Carry this with you if you intend to take advantage of any of the magical extras during your trip.



On the back of the card, you will find the details about the Magical Extras that Disney offers with your package. You can find a complete list of Magical Extras for 2018 here. Just present this card to redeem your benefits.



There is one more thing hidden inside this little box. When you remove the paper cylinder that holds the magicbands in place and open one end, you will find the plastic luggage tag fasteners for your fun luggage tags. Don’t miss these or you will have a time trying to attach the tags to your luggage.



Now that you’ve discovered all the contents in your box, it’s time to get packing as the next few days will be here before you know it. Happy travels!!!

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