Lessons Learned from Walt Disney

This photo is one of my all-time favorites of Walt Disney. It’s simply called, “Coffee with Walt.” What I would have given to be across the table from this great man listening to his thoughts about integrity, hard work, dreaming big, his love for God and family, helping others, and hoping for a better world. I wonder how our conversation would have gone. I would like to think we would have had many refills as I would have been absorbing his words like a sponge. I would have thanked him for all he brought to people’s lives and maybe he would have given me some great advice.

Walt has always reminded me so much of my daddy. While I never knew Walt personally (as he died when I was a baby), I knew my daddy very well and loved him unimaginably! The more I study Walt, the more he reminds me of my father. I think it was meant to be that way. They were similar men and, tragically, they both died the same way — lung cancer.

I learned about God, the importance of family, and about unconditional and unwavering love from my daddy and my mom. I have learned about how to act on that love for mankind through the examples they showed me and from the examples of others, like Walt, who were not bound by political correctedness nor social acceptance but simply did what they felt was right and just.

I hope that one day I will be able to be a positive influence on the life of someone else. I hope that when my life is all said and done that the good I have done will far outweigh the bad, and that the lessons I have learned from people like Walt will carry on forever!

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