My Top 8 Reasons to Plan a Family Trip to Walt Disney World

8 Top Reasons to Plan Disney Trip

We moved twice last year and I don’t mind saying it was an ordeal. In the course of moving the second time, some bins got stacked to the side until a later time when I could go through them. That time is now! This past weekend I was looking through all the items in our Hurricane Preparedness bin. This includes all the important papers, pictures and items I want to take with us should we have to evacuate for a storm. Some of my most treasured inclusions are my photo albums from years of Walt Disney World vacations with my family.

Looking through all the pictures we’ve accumulated through the years, I was reminded of such wonderful memories. I started thinking about why we began taking our family to Walt Disney World in the first place, and why we kept the tradition alive year after year.

I remember the times we could not afford to eat in the parks or park-hop, but we were there and that is all that mattered. We saved our vacation time and our money each year so we could spend this golden time together. We have made treasured memories at that magical place and it has closely knit our family together with threads of Disney memories that I hope will last a lifetime.

I became an agent with an Authorized Disney Travel Agency because of my resolve to try to help every family visit this magical place at least once. Sometimes it takes some creativity for families to pull it off and each year it gets more expensive. I realize that. But today I want to share my top 8 reasons you should be planning a trip with your family.

Here are my Top 8 Reasons:


  1. Time is ticking: There is utter truth in the phrase “time passes way too fast.” Don’t take one second for granted when your kids are young. Trust me, they will be grown in the blink of an eye; and while you are waiting on “maybe next year” your time “this year” is lost. There will come a time, sooner than you think, when your children will have lives of their own and this valuable time will be gone.
  2. Sharing is caring: Sharing special time with the kids is what they will remember throughout their lives and, trust me, there is no place more special than Walt Disney World. Families on vacation tend to spend quality time together; talking, laughing and enjoying new fun experiences. And don’t forget, the family that plays together stays together.
  3. Nothing to do but what you want: Can you remember a time when your schedule was truly your own? When you are on vacation, no one will have to rush to practice, a game, dance class, etc. Your time on vacation is spent on whatever you want to do without life pulling you in a million different directions. When is the last time your family had dinner all together at the same time? If it has been a while, a vacation is a great time to rebuild that family relationship.
  4. Unplug and get away from it all: Getting away from technology for a little while helps everyone to focus on what’s most important. In my opinion, this is relationships. Some children have not yet learned the value of a close-knit family that needs only rely on their relationship with one another to enrich their lives.  A vacation is the perfect time to really get to know one another, and what a blessing that is.
  5. Open your mind to new things: Travel is an excellent learning tool for kids. Nearly every vacation activity involves teachable moments. For instance, at Epcot children can learn about different cultures, foods, history, climate and much more. They will actually be able to meet people from other countries and have exposure to accents and personality traits specific to their regions.  At the Animal Kingdom they can see animals in their own natural habitat and learn about the environment up close and personal. There are many opportunities in which to learn, and it is much more fun to learn things hands-on than by doing homework.
  6. You deserve a vacation: Life is hard nowadays; many people work too much and play too little. One of the most important reasons to take a vacation is simply for rest and relaxation. Have you heard of it? Have you experienced it lately? If not, experience it again soon.
  7. Yesses are in abundance: At Disney, everyone can be a kid and no one cares. Seeing the smiles on the faces of my children are fuel for my life. Walt Disney World is the only place we ever let our kids eat dessert before their dinner and yesses were in abundance. Here are some examples, “Mom, can we ride Haunted Mansion next?” YES. “Mom, can we get a double-decker ice cream in a cone for a snack today?” YES. “Mom, can we come again next year?” YES. Let’s be honest, how many times a day do you get to say YES at home?
  8. Being surrounded by Disney: The best reason to visit Walt Disney World is simply being exposed to the magic that is Disney. I believe in the Disney philosophy of every visitor being a guest. People are even nicer and clearly happier when they are at WDW. They are not fighting the clock, deadlines, gridlock and all the things that get us down. It is wonderful to carry on conversations with nice, happy people from all over the world.

Walt Disney opened this world up to us to enjoy and share with family. I know it has brought an abundance of happiness to mine.

I sure hope you will seriously consider the reasons why your family might be due for a Disney vacation. I would love to help you plan the perfect getaway for your family, or just hear your comments on what your family Disney vacations have meant to you. Contact me anytime at

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