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Disney Fun: Playing Fairy Godmother

Traveling to Disney with Aleyah and McKinley is so much fun. No matter how many times I have visited Walt Disney World, I get to relive first reactions to all things Disney during our trips. Seeing everything through new eyes makes me very happy and being able to share these times with them is priceless. One of the most fun things…
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Moments with Mimi: My Play-Doh Princess

There are so many different activities around for children these days. I don’t know how your kids like to spend most of their time, but Aleyah absolutely adores Play-doh. She not only likes playing with it, but she even loves to watch other children playing with it on YouTube. She knows just about every set made and enjoys videos showing the…
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Tips for a Successful Disney Trip

Traveling to Walt Disney World is one of the greatest pleasures your family will ever experience. Days spent together having fun and being away from the stresses of life are some of the best you can imagine. Still, things can go wrong. Afterall, kids get tired and hungry, parents get frustrated, plans fall through. Believe me, I’ve been there and…
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Grateful Tuesday – The Crowder Family

It’s Grateful Tuesday, and if you have been following me for a while you know that, to me, the human element is such an important part of my daily life. Whether it is people I meet during my travels to Disney or people I get to meet as a result of my job, it amazes me how my life and the…
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Q & A Thursday: Should I Link My Tickets?

Hi everyone, it’s Q&A Thursday. Today’s Q was sent in by our friend, Danny, about tickets purchased separately from a package.   Q:  I have a room only stay and have now purchased our tickets. Do I have to link them to my Disney account? A: You don’t have to link the tickets to your Disney account, but there are definite…
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Q & A Thursday: Disney Water Parks

Hi everyone, it’s Q&A Thursday.  If you have a burning question for me, please email it to Thanks! Today’s Q was sent in by our friend, Jennifer, and she asks: Will the Disney water parks be open in the Fall and Winter months? A: Yes, at least one of the 2 WDW water parks will be open for guests visiting…
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Moments with Mimi: Inside Out on Our Day Out

Monday is the one day each week that I have precious one-on-one time with Aleyah. On Mondays, she gets to do all the things she cannot do when McKinley is with us: PlayDoh, Kinetic Sand, Roller Coaster, board games and movies, just to name a few. This past Monday, Aleyah and I (along with our special friends, Susan and Ronnie Schultz) were FINALLY able…
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Disney Announces New Summer 2015 Room-Only Discount

late arrival at Disney

As if you needed another reason to spend your Summer vacation at Disney, a new discount has been released. Enjoy up to 30% off of your resort for stays June 16-August 27, 2015. Booking Window: March 23 – June 12, 2015 Travel Dates: June 16, 2015 – August 27, 2015   Here are the savings with this Disney Offer: Up to 30%…
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