Looking forward to my next Disney trip

My friend, Susan, and I are really looking forward to our trip to Walt Disney World this September. There are so many wonderful and magical things about Disney that I shared some of the most anticipated things for us in today’s blog at The Affordable Mouse. You can read it here.Have a great day! Please follow and like us:

Weight Watchers Cupcake War

 If you read my post earlier in the week you know that I am having a dilemma about how I can stay on Weight Watchers, have my cupcake and eat it too! Well, this weekend I am going to be in the kitchen.I have some ideas about using applesauce, zucchini, diet soda and many other unusual ingredients to try to…
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I was reading the 1941 edition of Ladies Home Journal the other day. In a section called, Remembering the Last  50 Years of Ladies Home Journal, there was a question from a reader to the “Dear Abby” of 1891. The question from this young lady was asking what she should do about a man she had known since childhood who…
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Thanks, Mike!

A great big THANK YOU to Mike over at for helping me with my new countdown widgets. I am telling you, no matter how far you roam there are no friends like Disney friends.Thanks again, Mike! Please follow and like us:

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