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Q & A Thursday: Disney Water Parks

Hi everyone, it’s Q&A Thursday.  If you have a burning question for me, please email it to brenda@pixievacations.com. Thanks! Today’s Q was sent in by our friend, Jennifer, and she asks: Will the Disney water parks be open in the Fall and Winter months? A: Yes, at least one of the 2 WDW water parks will be open for guests visiting…
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Moments with Mimi: Inside Out on Our Day Out

Monday is the one day each week that I have precious one-on-one time with Aleyah. On Mondays, she gets to do all the things she cannot do when McKinley is with us: PlayDoh, Kinetic Sand, Roller Coaster, board games and movies, just to name a few. This past Monday, Aleyah and I (along with our special friends, Susan and Ronnie Schultz) were FINALLY able…
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Great Shopping at Zawadi Marketplace

You might find this hard to believe but I am not the stereotypical female. I don’t enjoying chatting on the phone, I will not stop to ask for directions until I have exhausted every single option, and I HATE to shop! When I visit Disney, I am there to ride and have fun…not to go from store to store while I could…
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