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I was reading the 1941 edition of Ladies Home Journal the other day. In a section called, Remembering the Last  50 Years of Ladies Home Journal, there was a question from a reader to the “Dear Abby” of 1891. The question from this young lady was asking what she should do about a man she had known since childhood who…
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Good Friends

There is just nothing as great as sharing a relaxing day with good friends! Today was a day of love, laughter, a great movie, too much food and loads of thankfulness! Thank you to my Lord and Savior for blessing me with such a wonderful family and such great friends!I truly love you guys!!!

This week's blog carnival

Hi everyone, Here is an easy list of my Disney blogs this week.Have a cup of coffee, sit down and relax. Hope you enjoy! First off, Chip asked all of us writers to post a bio answering specific questions he sent us. He thought it was a great idea to kind of introduce us to all the readers. I think…
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Walt's Integrity

Yesterday, I was writing my blog for this week’s Wednesday with Walt posting on and I was talking about Walt Disney’s integrity. I wish that type of integrity was still as evident in present-day society. Everyone is so overly tolerant that there is not a clear moral fiber nowadays like there was in decades past. This is another reason…
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Bakin' in the kitchen!

Today I am making a triple-layer chocolate fudge cake with chocolate icing for my BFF Susan’s birthday. We will be celebrating tomorrow by going to our favorite Chinese restaurant and then coming back to my house for cake and ice cream, a movie, and vegging out on a Sunday afternoon.I hope everyone is having a great day today!