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Wednesday Q&A: I’ve Heard Character Dining is Changing

Welcome to Wednesday Q&A. Today’s question is about recent changes to some character dining experiences at Walt Disney World. Q:  I have heard that there have been changes to character dining, what’s different? A: It is true that Disney has changed some of the character dining offerings and procedures of late. At several restaurants, characters still visit the tables but…
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Wednesday Q&A: Should I Book A Character Meal?

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to book a character meal, then today’s question is for you. Q: Should I book a character meal? A: If you can afford it, then you should definitely book it. There are several reasons I feel this way: it’s a good value, you’ll have a unique dining experience, and it can save you…
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31 Tips for Your Disney World Trip: Day 29 – Characters in Character

Characters at Walt Disney World are so much more than just guys, girls, men and women dressed in costumes for pictures and autographs. Disney characters are exactly that! If you see a character like Drizella or Mary Poppins or Anna, ask them a question about their movie and they will go right into character. This is just one more thing…
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Should We Book A Character Meal at Disney?

There are certain questions we travel agents hear a lot. One of the most common, especially with the release of the free dining offer, is “should we book a character meal?” I always tell my clients that if they can do it, they should do it. There are several reasons: it is cost-efficient, it is a unique dining experience, and…
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