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Are You Embracing Your Chaos? Don’t Throw Trip-Planning Into the Mix!

embracing the chaos, trip planning

School started for most in my area this week. All the posts I saw about prepping for the big day – school clothes shopping, school supply shopping, new hairstyles, etc. got me to thinking about just how tremendously stressful my life was when my kids were little. That’s not even to mention being connected to little electronic devices all day…
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The Boneyard at Animal Kingdom Park

The Boneyard is one of Aleyah and McKinley’s favorite things to do at Animal Kingdom park. They have so much energy and they absolutely love to play! The Boneyard is an open-air playground that was designed to look like a dinosaur dig site. Here, kids can run, slide, climb rocks, walk across a rope bridge and so much more. Young…
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What If A Discount Comes Out After I Book?

I am asked this question quite a bit, although I normally make it a practice to share with my guests the answer before they ever have to ask. A discount can be applied to a Disney room-only reservation or a package reservation, even after the reservation has been made. Booking your trip with an agent like me is definitely to…
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