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Moments with Mimi: A Positive Reflection

Welcome to Moments with Mimi where I share thoughts, experiences and stories of my life as a Work At Home Mimi. This past Saturday morning, Butch and I decided we would pick up Aleyah and McKinley and take them out to breakfast. We arrived at one of our local restaurants and went inside. There was a small crowd gathered in the…
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Moments with Mimi: My Play-Doh Princess

There are so many different activities around for children these days. I don’t know how your kids like to spend most of their time, but Aleyah absolutely adores Play-doh. She not only likes playing with it, but she even loves to watch other children playing with it on YouTube. She knows just about every set made and enjoys videos showing the…
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Moments with Mimi: Inside Out on Our Day Out

Monday is the one day each week that I have precious one-on-one time with Aleyah. On Mondays, she gets to do all the things she cannot do when McKinley is with us: PlayDoh, Kinetic Sand, Roller Coaster, board games and movies, just to name a few. This past Monday, Aleyah and I (along with our special friends, Susan and Ronnie Schultz) were FINALLY able…
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Moments with Mimi: Time Management for a New WAHM

This new life of mine takes a little getting used to, I must say. Having been a full-time working mom when my kids were growing up, it is a little strange to be a new WAHM (Work At Home Mimi) in this day and age at my bright, young age lol. I find that managing time is a little tricky…
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